9 thoughts on “Some last requests go a little too far.

  1. Bagel, told you that chocolate was mandantory. oh, wait, here comes the part when He talks about peeps–

  2. Looks like one of the guests has already been cannibalized for appetizers – all that’s left is his little skull.

  3. two moons? where do you think you are, Ganymeade? one moon, one sun-and I missed the skull–
    there was some discussion when I was a youngling about Jesus maybe being born on other planets as well. I mean, why should we be the only ones offered salvation. maybe Jesus looks different on other planets as well–

  4. Nah, those aren’t moons. They’re cheez wheelz. See, they didn’t forget teh appetizers, the caterers are just running (or maybe flying?) a little late. Or maybe the winged demon baby on the right is stashing them in the clouds so he can have them all to himself later.

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