16 thoughts on “Personally, I’m dying for Spore.

  1. Ok that was weird, it cut off the entire rest of my comment.
    i sed, I am an avid “builder” in the Sims, spending hours at it, much to the bafflement of my husband.

    (stands up from folding chair)
    Hello, my name is Metz, and I’m a Sims Builder.

  2. don’t tell anybody, but somebody just gave me a Sims deluxe pack. it has the amusement park too. and the basic original deluxe Sims. I just know I well never come out—

  3. I bought Sim City 4 a couple of months ago. Every time I play it i lost like 8 hours. I think it’s aliens.

    I was up to 3am last night actually.

  4. My husband treats my disc of Sims 2 (up to the latest version now “Free Time” HA!) like it is a controlled substance, and tries (but usually fails) to get me to ration my time when I play to a measly hour, maybe 2…

    Lost Weekend anyone? 😛

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