11 thoughts on “Traffic gets worse and worse

  1. I tell you, those sporting events just get worser and worser. now here you have people leaving in droves, just because the lions ate the Christians. too fast. or whatever.

  2. The spam catcher has eated a few posts lately that had to be saved. If it keeps up I’ll see if I can find a way to bypass it for user accounts.

  3. I had no idea that the gods of the interwebs were so damn picky.
    now that I know what you did and why (cause I AM teh funneh), thank you very much for catching me. definitely owe ya one. or ten or more(now afraid to type periods)

  4. The “frak you” comment is what pushed this one over the line to LOL-land for me.

    BSG humor, I loves u.

  5. the current incarnation has not much relationship to the original. Starbuck is a chick. the old Apollo is on the new one, but now he’s a politician. Adama is a surname. toasters look like people. and they say frack instead of fuck and they say it a really lot. did I cover everything?

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