8 thoughts on “Before the Food Network there was

  1. OOOOH ! ! ! !
    I nebber thot of that! Birth of food onna stik!
    Hey if it weren’t for this then 7 eleben might’ve never come up with the hotdawg shaped cheezburger
    the evolution of foodstuffz.

  2. k, jus wun moar tiem so PAY ATTENSHUNS!
    itz too awl beefs patteys
    speshul sawse (or thowsund aylan dressin – saym ting)
    CHEEZ (cuz itz nawt cheezburger wifout it)
    pikkles (i can has eckstra pikkles? kthnx!)
    unyuns (opshunul)
    put all dat on sessamee seed bun

  3. bwsh: YESH!!!!!! OMB! Jeff Dunham. . . I haz a sad cuz he’s gonna be playing near me and the tickets are fairly cheap but canno afford even dat. 😦

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