8 thoughts on “The problem with killing them all is then having to sort them out.

  1. does this mean that vegetarians have to stay dead, or in hell, or something? cause I’m totally okay with that—

  2. That’s the impression the people in my hometown gave me when I went veggie, they acted as if I were turning down their own personal cow as food. And to them the smell of vegetarian cooking was akin to sulpher and brimstone.

  3. LOLH, you might want to check this out. They featured a question on it in Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.
    A way to contact all those unfortunate souls who were “left behind”, to let them know where you put the car keys, the combo to your safe, etc… apparantly if the operators don’t log in for a set period of time the computer assumes that the Rapture has taken place and sends out the email messages compiled by the clients.

  4. the folks left behind should be figuring out what to do about that, since it looks like the Christians were right and all, and not worrying about where I left my non-existent money.

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