16 thoughts on “Maybe he would work better for tetherball?

  1. ZOMB! Iz S&M Pole Dancin Tetherbadmitton Jebus! Whips & all.
    Gives a whole different perspective on Shuttlecock.

  2. that actually looks a lot like a game my brother and I tried to kill each other with when we were kids. it was called tether tennis, there was a tennis ball in a net, paddles somewhat more effective than the floggers would be–I don’t recall the center pole being a pretzel, although it’s possible—

  3. Shit. Okay, lemme try this again. Using the correct combinations of prepositions and nouns, it’d be like this:
    By Jebus it IS a pretzel! or Below God it IS a pretzel!

    Today’s non-lolspeak lesson brought to you by “Juicy Jebus Bacon” and the letters “WTF.”

  4. you’ll need to watch that inner nerd. why, my own pops up now and then when a knitting pattern requires algebra to resize the garment. don’t tell anybody, though, okay?

  5. This just popped up on the random and I LOL’d all over again at our conversations. Gawsh I miss MBHT. Must email her now!

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