7 thoughts on “Im…um…not sure there is a right way.

  1. I just have to post about this, but this jogged my memory of the news with the CEO of Craigslist asking for an apology from the Attorney General. Always something happening with CL and events in the news.

  2. I hafta admit, if you hadn’t said it was a spambot, I’d have Googled the Craigslist stuff to see how it related to the post. In fact, I still might hafta give in and Google. 😳

  3. This is a very popular entry with the spambots.

    With people? Not so much.

    I, for one, think we should just post all the spambot posts to this entry. You know — to sort of fluff it up a bit.

    WHO’S WITH ME???!

    er … medication time …

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