Hmmm.. with a little smoked gouda… delightful.

Eucharist just a goddamned cracker
Submitted by Roy N.

Well, this certainly puts yesterday’s submission by Tom into perspective. For those who haven’t read the news, apparently, it is a mortal sin to walk off with a cracker. Seriously. Read it for yourself. For those concerned, fear not the safety of future crackers, for an armed guard will apparently be guarding them.

Oh, but wait, there is more, because of course, there has to be more. After blogging about the absurdity of the whole situation on Pharyngula, Professor Myers has received death threats, and of course the Catholic League is calling for his job.

Anyway, I have a few more of the Eucharist themed lols to go up in the near future. Till then, perhaps you could use your own personal Jesus. I hear that has a 1000 of him for a mere $13.59! Surely that has to be transubstantiation at a price anyone could afford! If it’s not, rest assured you’re protected by the “VBS Low Price Guarantee”.

8 thoughts on “Hmmm.. with a little smoked gouda… delightful.

  1. I don’t know why I never considered monitoring news out of Kansas before. There’s probably a never ending source of content to work with.

  2. I tell you I have been scratching my head over this all morning, a HATE crime, the guy from the church sez it is a hate crime? WTF?

    So would you say that Oklahoma or Kansas is the Bible Belt Buckle?

  3. Hey, if the manufacturers of these crakas need someone to put the cross on dem, I hear a teacher in Ohio is outta work and he’ s got experience putting crosses onto bodees. Jus sayin.

  4. Re: Oklahoma/Kansas. I think we should nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure. Note: Loltheist readers in Oklahoma/Kansas, sorry about the whole nuking thing. You might want to leave first.

    They look less like crosses and more like scores for breaking them in half.

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