12 thoughts on “Little known fact, but in the original draft Jebus was a Furry.

  1. I must be a Pastafarian, because it looks like a pirate with a patch over his eye to me.

    And furry jesus? Hmmm, what variety do you think? Bunny (Easter) maybe?

  2. it’s getting to be like pron. you know, if you can think of it, there’s pron of it? now if you can think of it, bang! somebody founds a religion. bizarre things, like captioning religious paintings—–oh, wait—-nevermind.

  3. It was only a matter of time I suppose. Of course why would Jebus appear on the fur of an animal? Them being souless mindless creatures with no real value other than to serve man?
    Does this mean this kitteh has a free pass 2 heaven?
    [Kitteh approaches pearly gates,
    St. Peter “Shoo, SHoo I say!”
    Kitteh shows Jebus spot.
    St. Peter, “Oh! Right this way your excellency!”
    Kitteh changes mind and decides heaven isn’t good enough for him, before leaving he rubs himself all over St. Peter sticking his tush in his face and flicking his tail under his nose. St. Peter breaths a sigh of relief then notices that his heavenly robes are all coated in a layer of cat fur.]

  4. oiy vey, I NEVER should have followed that link to gideon bear that you posted. I think my IQ dropped by several points, although the squick factor probably offset that a bit. So would this follow Rule 34 or 36 of the internet?

  5. That was actually one of the stories that didn’t make the committee vote for the bible Metz.

    Happy to be of service Flame. #34. Yes. 34. Well, 46, but that goes without saying.

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