6 thoughts on “Jesus could not be reached for comment.

  1. Apparantly there was nothing in the restraining order about the kidz touching him though.
    (she said, as she noted the kid’s faceplant in the lap)

    The mom in the back is all, “Wait your turn dear, everyone getz 2 ride Jebus eventually!”

  2. Well, in a *perfect* world they do!

    This one is begging for a re-caption about Santa Claus, I think…….;P

  3. What I find odd is the French-style collar that the kid in the background (green dress) is wearing. That type of collar didn’t come into fashion until around the late-1500s/early-1600s. An anachronism to be sure…

  4. yeah, it would have been more clear that people from any era can come to Jebus as a little child if some of the others were wearing modern clothes too. can’t you just see a kid with saggy pants and a pimp cup? but he would be welcome too, I’m sure—

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