It’s really a size issue

Sad, sad, sad story here. Even if it is a couple of days old.

This also harkens back to our unloved T-Shirt.

Sorry for all the political posts, but well, much like Christian artwork, it’s such low hanging fruit. I mean seriously, how can we not? It’s not that we are against picking on other religions, it’s just that there is such a wealth of arrogance on canvas for us to focus on. Same thing with these campaign stories.

One can only hope this ends in 3 weeks. On the other hand, it could solve our content problems for the next four years. *shudder*

2 thoughts on “It’s really a size issue

  1. If God is so paranoid about his “size,” why does He keep filling my spam filter with “Natural Male Enhancement” emails?

    Really, I could forward them to Him, if I knew His email. Last time I checked, I didn’t have male genitals to enhance…

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