Even virtual sack puppets offend Muslims.

One of the most anticipated games for the Playstation 3 , LittleBigPlanet, was scheduled for release on October 21st. Many retailers have already received their allotments with “do not sell” packing and agreements. This week it was discovered an ambient music track on one level has a couple of lines from the Qu’ran, which is apparently blasphemous. In response, Sony has issued a worldwide recall and moved the release date to November 4th. Nevermind that the Playstation 3 is fully capable of patching the game. They could offer a mail in program or something, but to recall millions of ready to sell discs is overkill.

More coverage on Kotaku, along with a copy of the email that started it all. To be fair, Muslims aren’t up in arms, yet. This is a preemptive move by Sony to save market share. A week delay isn’t going to kill anyone, except maybe Sony’s balance sheet, but the point is it shouldn’t have to be done.

ETA: You can hear the the track “Tapha Niang” by Toumani Diabaté in this youtube clip. It’s pretty catchy, I can see why they included it for LBP.

8 thoughts on “Even virtual sack puppets offend Muslims.

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  2. Wait a sec! Lemme get this straight…

    Sony is pulling and delaying a videogame because they *think that Muslims will go batshit crazy because a selection of it’s soundtrack includes a few verses from the Qur’an — even though the problem could be solved simply by a patch that would probably cost less than the recall? Obviously some of those Sony suits got their MBA*s while studying under a George W. Bush Scholarship at business school…

    *More Bad Advice

  3. WTF were they thinking anyway? If they had someone who could interpret the versus for them, the interpreter should have known it was a stupid idea and told them. That is, unless, they did it on purpose to gain more attention. You can be certain that some of those “do not sell” boxes will “accidentally” slip out, as well as the inevitable already-pirated versions.

    I thought Christians had some strict rules. Damn! Are there specific places or methods by which the Qu’ran can be printed, such as on special paper, by specific printing methods, etc? I haven’t seen any copies of the Gideon Qu’ran. Then again, I haven’t been to a hotel/motel in ages.

    Obviously, I did *not* stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

  4. No, it’s nothing to do with the game. It’s a track that’s been out for a couple years that they licensed because they like the sound of it. I doubt they had any clue what it said, and even if they understood the language, “Every soul shall have the taste of death” and “All that is on earth will perish” sounds more like bad emo poetry than scripture.

    I’m totally hoping retailers go fuck it, and sell it anyway. I’ve been on the fence as to whether to buy LBP, but I totally would if that happened.

  5. In the book industry, I know that retailers are required to sign a contract that says they won’t sell something before the “laydown” date. They actually do have people checking on this. IF you violate their agreement, they won’t send you stuff ahead of the laydown date anymore, and so any big release you’d get into the store at least 1-2 day after everyone else, which can mean a lot.

  6. Oh yeah, video game industry is big on not breaking the street date. Of course that’s tempered by minimum wage employees who dont care. Every cycle there’s always some that get out early (LBP included.) But what I mean is the original date was tuesday, im sure that will satisfy by contract.

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