8 thoughts on “A quiet settles over the … oh hell I dont know.

  1. LOL it was a statue of a martyr, or rather someone about to be martyrd, but I guess the sword is gone. To me it looked like the guy had just hit a golf ball and she had dropped to her knees praying it would make it. Iffen I had moar talent I’d have drawn or pasted a golf club in there.

  2. Hey; if a “Passion of the Christ” video game came out, they’d snap it up faster than you could quote John 3:16…

  3. Well, actually, I was just reading this morning about “Heaven the Game”. I figured I would wait to see what becomes of it before sadly shaking my head and breaking out my photo editor.

    Although, the shear possibilities of repurposing the modeling information makes me want to learn how to do such things.

  4. “Heaven the Game”

    Yeeg, what a piece of crap! Although I must admit that I’m rather amused by it’s overproduced Graphic Novel-style rendering. And is it just me, or did that “Saint” look like an NFL cheerleader?

  5. “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” goes biblical?

    And that Heaven game looks incredibly ridiculous, lmao.

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