From the not-making-this-up department.

It has to be photoshopped right? No, biblically inspired baked goods, cereals, and pastas are the order of the day. I thought it was just a joke, until I saw that they were indeed available on Amazon. I should of known better than to doubt the Consumerist. Although I will give them credit for an interesting concept, and being helpful to those who really do need gluten free diets. But did they really need a secular label?

While you’re at it, why not try Genesis 1:29 Sprouted Grain & Seed Bread!

12 thoughts on “From the not-making-this-up department.

  1. Srsly, Ezekiel breads have been available for YEARS!! It’s supposed to be the recipe for bread given in the eponymous passage. It IS a rather dense bread, but nommy for all that – at least if you like those sprouty-grainy sorts of breads.

  2. Biblical bread? Meh. I just like those sprouty things. Alvaredo Street breads are entirely tasty, too.

  3. Well, they’re quoting the bit about blending grains and legumes, which… why not? Worse things to quote from the Bible. For the most part, they’re not gluten-free, though. Wheat has gluten. Little tip.

    Also, it’s been around forever. (For the record, it’s ok, if very dense and a little dry. The raisin bread is decent.)

  4. The sprouted grain & seed bread is gluten free. Sorry for the confusion.

    ETA: Damn it, wrong again. I know SOME of their product line is gluten free. That’s what I was getting at. Apparently it’s just under their Food for Life label.

  5. yeah, it’s named after the bible verse that lists the ingredients they use. it’s actually really good–health food. don’t make fun.

  6. Actually, those are the best commercial breads around for taste and pure ingredients. I buy the sprouted corn tortillas by the case from my local co-op and freeze them. Heavens, they’re tasty!

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