5 thoughts on “I’d be glad to but he didnt leave a forwarding address.

  1. Yet another percentile* unit to add to the welfare statistics…

    *as well as a parental unit, most likely; seeing as her own parental units probably won’t educate her about sex.

  2. I feel sorry for this girl. Poor thing… first she’s getting her lunch money stol… wait a minute, she’s not in school. I’m sure she’s home schooled, in order to keep her lunch money safe! Now that’s genious! Oh, and humans never evolved from monkeywrenches – except perhaps a few of the more concervative christians. Talk about rigid people!

  3. Have you guys gone to that site that’s on her sign? It’s a hoot! They’re trying to disprove things that science already said is false. For example, they try to contend that science claims individuals evolve. Wrong-o, species evolve, not individuals.

  4. OMG- these guys or their family members were at the university on Pagan Pride Day… check it out on You Tube by searching “preaching to the pagans”

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