11 thoughts on “Aim for the head.

  1. Strange, I’ve got deja vu on this pic and convo. I’ll be so embarrased if it’s been done alredy and I’ve already said the same thing.

    Also, I dunno why but it (the site) isn’t remembering me although I’ve asked it nicely to. 😦

  2. Oh so she’s possibly St. Catherine?
    I see. Man, what a way to go.
    Here I just thought the Zombies had attacked a wagon train. πŸ˜‰
    thanks for the info Reynard!

  3. Whoa, thanks for the link, Reynard. I never knew that. I remember a band by that name, but didn’t realise it had anything to do with something so gruesome.

    Kinda ruins my thought of the wheel being for a road trip. Really bad joke anyway.

    Caffeine. I need some.

  4. “Oh so she’s possibly St. Catherine?”

    It’s not unusual to see some sort of iconography (an animal or object) go along with a particular Saint. The four Gospeleers had theirs (Matthew=Angel, Mark=Winged Lion, Luke=Winged Ox, John=Eagle), St. Peter=Keys (symbolic of his job as the guardian of the gates of Heaven), St. Sebastian=Arrow (the means of his martyrdom), etc. The lore behind it is actually pretty fascinating.

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