10 thoughts on “Bad touch! Bad Touch!

  1. good ol’ google image search. there’s some awesome shots of jebus riding dinos too. that’s one that I could have just made the t-rex’s eyes a little wider with no caption…it sells itself

  2. There There LOLH. It’s ok. Just think about all the innocent dinosaurs you’ve saved just by getting his picture out there! :-p

  3. Jebus lurves da leetle diiiiii-noes
    all da leetle di-noes in da wurld
    Green an yellow, green an wite
    All are fair game in his site
    Jebus lurves da leetle di-noes of da wurld.

    {Enter Chris Hansen, stage left}

  4. Oh my ancestors. Never mind the caption, I find it truly creepy that anyone would (a) paint this picture in all seriousness, (b) expect anyone else to take it seriously. I mean, look at its eye, you can tell it’s a f**king psycho!

    I give Jebus about 10 secs. That’s if its mummy doesn’t get there first…

  5. honestly, i thought it was funny with no caption at all. but i hadn’t titled anything with the word “molesterer” in a while, and honestly it felt good.

    i did indeed tweak the eyes.

  6. The bible does say that man would be master over all earthly creatures. I’m pretty sure ‘backdoor submission’ is encompassed in ‘master’. Semantics, gotta love them.

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