17 thoughts on “Now, now children, let’s share.

  1. Is that supposed to be a dog or a lamb? Looks like a MinPin. And the guy on the left is either Jebus carrying a cross or one of those guys who use online names like xxJebusesBFFxx.

  2. I want to see this pic done over with that creature circled in red pen, a big “F”, and a snarky note from the art teacher something like, “You call this a baby Jesus? See me after class!”

    Dude. Srsly. WTF is that thing?

  3. Kat, u can haz hovertext.

    Tankoo! I’m so used to people not alt text tagging pics that I rarely notice unless my mouse pointer just happens to be over an image. My mother is the one who likes to hover.

  4. depends who makes the image. MBHT usually like to add a comment about the picture, I usually put pieces of the lol caption to make it easier to search later.

  5. oh you guyz, it’s the Lamb of God, of course. another oddball representation of Jesus as the perfect sacrifice, although I admit I’ve never seen one wrapped up in a blanket and presented like a baby.
    Lamb chops, anyone? I think I have some mint jelly somewhere—-

  6. Lamb of God? They rock, I’ve seen them recently… 😛
    To me, Da Thang looks like a big rat, really…

  7. So if it is the FSM, then that is actually a meatball in the shape of the lamb of god.
    Or a really big chunk of parmesean cheese.

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