9 thoughts on “Raptor Jebus would also have been an acceptable answer.

  1. This reminds me of a story a friend of mine tells me about his hellish days in college majoring in art. Seems he painted a series of paintings depicting dead bunnies, I believe hanging from trees or something and one in particular had the dead bunnies hanging in front of a building with a beautiful stained glass window.

    The professor and the rest of the students in the class took such offense to this painting that they were given free reign to rip him to shreds.

    I never saw the painting but I have seen enough of his work to know that it must’ve been an excellent juxtaposition of beautiful and horrifying. It’s a shame; they made him so angry at that school that when he graduated he destroyed every single thing he created during that time.

  2. LOL Okay the funiestt thing about it i,s it is some mutant teeny tiny lamb. I am LMAO here.
    And oh yeah it so needs a few dead rabbits hangin from the trees.

  3. HAHAHAHA the most hilarious part is the brown-haired dude tenderly cupping the white-haired dude’s buttcheek

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