9 thoughts on “Without Title.

  1. I keep staring at Jebus in this and thinking to myself wonder if what’s his name posed for this. Seriously he looks just like this actor dude I can’t think of his name right now. Been a “supporting” character in a lot of stuff…I know no help whatsoever. He looks like…you know…that guy…from that thing…doing that stuff!

  2. Ok, I was gonna reply with a joke but I tried really hard to think of something, anything this guy has been in but dangit! I can see his face, I can hear his voice, I just cannot place WHAT or who he has acted in/with.

    So while scouring my brain for some kind of clue I thought of something, could be the next big net thing. We could be rich! Could call it “That guy from that thing doing that stuff” or something. And have it be kinda like a virtual police sketch artist, only you decribe prevailing characteristics of an actor or actress and the database comes back with pics of various ones with matching data.
    Process of elimination.

    Like this guy. I can see him, in most of the movies/shows I’ve seen him in he has hair like that, he’s not too tall, has a beard, and usually seems to play the annoyed yuppie/business man type (I can picture him in a suit and wearing a long tweedy coat).

  3. now you’re just teasink me.

    seriously, wouldn’t an actor database be kewl? NOT INMDB, but one searchable by facial and other characteristics. :-p

  4. I never knew that guy’s name! but I knew who you were thinking about. I think your idea has merit. really.

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