9 thoughts on “It’s ok, Halos are waterproof.

  1. I hate doing this, but overuse of apostrophes is a pet peeve of mine. The word “halos” should not have an apostrophe. The only time it would have an apostrophe would be to show possession, eg, the halo’s gleam was extremely bright.

    My rule of thumb in regard to apostrophes is: when in doubt, leave it out.

  2. Please note that I was NOT the one wearing the Grammar Police pants yesterday.

    However, for the record, I was wailing and gnashing my teeth along with Kat on this one.

    I’ll take my pants back now, Kat.


  3. I freely admit that it made me check this thread for a few days to see if someone brought it up. I’m not obsessed with grammar unless it’s so bad that it renders something unreadable. Spelling is my thing, along with punctuation, in particular overuse of punctuation. Excessive use of apostrophes, and multiple periods between each sentence/thought so that a paragraph looks like one long run-on sentence really grate on me. The only thing I hate worse than that is when someone uses commas instead of periods. It’s always guys who do the latter.

    LT, as much as I admire your butt without them, you may have your Grammar Pants back. I didn’t wear them, but I did have them dry cleaned. Those ketchup stains came right out. At least I think they were ketchup stains. 😮

    Hey listen, any of y’all wanna correct my grammer don’t hesitate. I got no problem with proofreaders. Just wish you were here to correct me before I hit submit. (eyes paperwork) Or print. (sigh)

  5. I’ve gotten so lazy. And oh goodness you should hear me talk! Metz can tell you, I have a very OBVIOUS southern accent. I used to be able to speak properly, though my accent colored it a little. Now I use way too much redneck slang. When you see me type “useta,” “hafta,” “gonna,” etc., that’s unfortunately how I often talk.

  6. I don’t say anything about things like “gonna.” Even slang words have accepted spelling. I’m southern, too. It’s different to say “I gotta go to the store,” as opposed to “I got to go to the store.” Gotta is implied to mean “have got.” Therein lies the complexity of our language with all of it’s regional colloquialisms.

    Sorry, Metz, but I hafta call you on your misspelling of “grammer” (SIC). :poke:

    I go hide nao.

  7. It’s not the fact that I use them that bothers me; it’s that I use them so often that does. As you can see, I’m also very bad about ending sentences with verbs and prepositions.

    Kat, where in the south are you from? (Please feel free to ignore this comment if you prefer, kthxbai.)

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