Charity? Torture? Charity Torture? Yes!

Every year we run the banner ad for Child’s Play, an organization by one of my favorite web comics that buys video games for childrens hospitals. What started as a response to the ever fearful media portrayals of gamers has grown into a yearly fundraiser that has brought millions of dollars worth of games to very sick children.

Starting a couple years ago, the sketch comedy group Loading Ready Run started Desert Bus for Hope. Wherein they play a grueling, mind numbingly torturous so-called game  cleverely enough called Desert Bus. Desert Bus was to be part of the never released Penn & Teller’s* Smoke and Mirrors for the Sega Genesis, and places you as the bus driver on a route between Tucson to Las Vegas, in real time, at 45mph, at just over 8 hours per trip. At which point, you turn around and drive back. No scenery, just a straight road, and a bus with a bum steering wheel, forcing you to stay at the controls.

Starting about an hour ago, LRR started this years journey. The goal is simple, donate and it extends their time in purgatory. What’s more, the whole thing is webcast, and has somewhat of a party atmosphere as people come and go, and the driver desperately tries to cling to reality. To make it better, they’ll whore themselves out for donations. Anything from telling an embarrasing story, to being forced to go see Twilight, to shaving parts of their body (All things that happened last year). So not only can you donate to a good cause, but you can make someone miserable while doing so. Has there ever been such a win/win situation? I think not.

Even if you can’t donate, spread the word to people who CAN donate, and watch the webcast. It’ll at least keep you amused.


*Penn & Teller are also one of my personal favorites.

4 thoughts on “Charity? Torture? Charity Torture? Yes!

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  2. But…but… they’re HOT Pianofortes! Hot! Everyone wants some HOT Pianoforte action right?
    Oh, and I see what you did there, it be snowing! 🙂

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