The savior has risen.

Medical advice should be sought immediately for cases of erection  beyond four hours.

Actual Crucifix, from an actual Catholic Church in Oklahoma. On the bright side, at least Jesus is of the age of consent. That’s certainly a step forward for the Catholic Church.


8 thoughts on “The savior has risen.

  1. I think that that’s supposed to be his, um, six-pack. (Albeit a rather badly rendered one.) But…uh…yeah, it certainly does look like he overdosed on a certain little blue pill

  2. Thanks for this priceless post. Being a practicing buddhist, recreation specialist plus Yoga lover, I actually worship the total amount of power you’ve set into this post. Found it throughout Yahoo hence I actually expect, other people will find it as worthwhile as I do.

    *spambot of the day*

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