Was bound to happen sooner or later

We just received a veiled threat from reader Jesus “Jeezy” H. Chris, about “watching” us blasphemers. He was too busy to deal with us though, what with NASCAR and all. But was quick to point out he can be found at Jesus’ Daily Blog. I wonder if this is anything like a Throwdown?

Oh, and don’t worry about our safety. Apparently a seat in heaven costs just fifty bucks. I don’t trust him though, he’ll probably try to up sell me. Or worse, it’s a monthly subscription.

Where’s the Devil when you need him? So you can make an honest deal.

3 thoughts on “Was bound to happen sooner or later

  1. Reaction A: Jebus shops at Wal*Mart? Who knew?

    Reaction B: “Veiled threat”? I’m intrigued. Post or linkie if you please.

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