9 thoughts on “Let’s get ready to *trademarked*

  1. I’m pretty sure horses in the ring are illegal, as chairs in the ring are illegal of course, only so long as the ref isn’t looking.

  2. yeah, you have no idea how hard it was for someone who grew up watching (involuntarily–my brother controlled the tv during that hour I SWEAR!!) Saturday morning wrestling to write that caption with the new WWE rather than the old WWF. (gets out cranky old lady costume) Why I remember when those WWE guys were snotty nosed upstarts with lousy 2nd rate wrestlers whilst WWF had the golden boy stars like Hulk Hogan and bad guys you loved to hate like Rowdy Roddy Piper!

    Whoah! Where’d that cranky old lady come from? Sheesh if you didn’t know any better you’d swear she was a closet fan of WWF of yesteryear.

  3. I bet you watched the saturday morning cartoon too.

    Ah, wrestling. I’d like to see a survey comparing people of faith with people who believe wrestling is real.

    I’m sure I don’t know of what you speak!
    (wonders how much to bribe brother to fudge my childhood viewing habits)
    Okay okay! I might have been in the room and my eyes might have been open while such a program might have been playing on our television set, but I didn’t inhale! I mean I didn’t, oh never mind.

    Yes that would be an interesting survey. Would the survey takers survive though? I mean wouldn’t that be risking one’s life and limb to even dare suggest to a true believer that it was fake? Would we just automatically count all surveys with bullet and knife holes as being in the “Real” camp? What about partially penetrating (ha!) bullet holes? Would that be enough of an indication of the respondent’s intent? Would teeth marks count? :-p

  5. I think, much like the alleged “real letter” to your congressman counts as if it were 100 phone calls myth, we should count easy bullet/stabbing as a 100 people.

  6. WHAT? Writing a real letter to my congressman doesn’t count as 100 phone calls? I’m outraged! I’m going to write a letter to my Avon lady to complain right now!!! (for the record I do NOT have an Avon lady or that other one, MaryWhatsername either.)

    One thing that does apparantly work is suicide threats. The White House sends all missives containing threats of suicide to the closest crisis center to where the person lives. Surprisingly they even follow up to see that it was taken care of. At least they cover themselves that way I suppose.

  7. LolHeathen Says: “Ah, wrestling. I’d like to see a survey comparing people of faith with people who believe wrestling is real.”

    I’d bet real money that a Venn diagram comparing the two is a circle.

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