Um … I think you missed a couple of spots there…

not the beach spray-on tan

Submitted by kdl

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Just a couple of folks who think LOLcats plus Jesus is humorous.

7 responses to “Um … I think you missed a couple of spots there…”

  1. Rowan says :

    definitely 80’s Jebus. Farrah Fawcett haircut, crystal blue eyes, tan as hell. this was before we knew that Jesus was a Jew. That didn’t happen until the mid 90’s.

  2. tallian says :

    OMG. Kenny Loggins is Jeebus.

  3. Metz says :

    Jebus has been using “sun-in”!

  4. Loltheist says :

    OMG, the whole sun-in site is like one huge image after another.

    lrn 2 c0de, n00bs!

  5. LolHeathen says :

    They DID optimize the images though.

  6. Metz says :

    I was honestly surprised they were still around, let alone that they had a website at all.
    My Mom used that stuff all the time in the 80’s. Haven’t seen a commercial or ad for it in years, I’d figured it had gone extinct.

  7. reynard61 says :

    Well, now we know where John Boehner got *his* tanning advice…

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