A’ight slackers, get busy

We seem to have dropped off a bit in the number of submissions. And yet, the logs show all these people hitting the site, day after day.

Well, it’s time to pay up.

That’s right.

Send us some funny pics, damn it!

We know you can do it. (I’m looking at you, kdl, RichVR, Min, Doubting Thomas, lolbuddhist, garth, RoyN, Flinthart, and you others that didn’t want credit.)

And snap it up.

Um … pretty please? 🙂

Love and kisses,


3 thoughts on “A’ight slackers, get busy

  1. um–don’t tell anybody this, okay, but I don’t actually know how to make them. maybe some rudimentary instructions would be good?

  2. Basically, first, you find a picture. I like to use Wikimedia Commons, because usually the pictures you find there are allowed to be used. But you can also search for public domain pics.

    Then, the easiest way to caption them is to go to The LOLCat Buildr, upload the pic, and use their form thingy to put captions on it.

    Of course, some people just do it with Microsoft Paint or whatever, but the LOLCat Buildr lets you do the cool stuff like outlined text and those “Motivational poster” kinds of things.

    (Note: The LOLCat Buildr times out a lot — just wait a few seconds and reload the page if that happens.)

    On LOLCat Buildr, when you do “Preview,” You can right-click on the picture and save it to your computer. Then email it to us at loltheist@gmail.com. That’s pretty much it.

    Good luck!

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