The Truth is Revealed for all time

worship me cat

About loltheist

Just a couple of folks who think LOLcats plus Jesus is humorous.

5 responses to “The Truth is Revealed for all time”

  1. Rowan says :

    ceiling cat, in the flesh! he looks just like I pictured him

  2. My Babies Have Tails says :

    Really? I was sure Ceiling Cat was a marmie.

  3. LolHeathen says :

    He takes many forms?

  4. Loltheist says :

    Strange and wondrous indeed are the ways of Ceiling Cat.

  5. reynard61 says :

    Cat: “In Ancient Egypt we were worshipped as gods!”

    Cat’s owner: “Yeah; well, the operative word in that sentence is ‘were’.”

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