No means no.

really big christ denies request landing

This picture has been cracking us up, and as such, you’ll probably be seeing it for the next week. Since you are going to be over saturated with it anyway, i thought I would link a clean copy in case you want to get in on it. I mean seriously, kudos to whoever made this, I wish I remember where I found this.

ETA: Apparently, this wasn’t photoshopped.

11 thoughts on “No means no.

  1. I’m thinkin… Footprints in the Sand.

    “The times when you have
    seen only one set of footprints in the sand,
    is when you were dangling from my giant pinkie”

  2. guyz, nobody made this picture, this is real! my brother told me about this, I don’t remember if he said it was a base jumper or a skydiver, but that poor dude hung up there for a long time! I think a helicopter finally rescued him. happened near Thanksgiving or Christmas, that’s the last times I saw my brother.

  3. I really doubt it for a number of reasons, but after a quick google for news about skydivers and Christ the Redeemer, nothing comes back. Which would be impossible if it was real. There would be a ton of photos, movies, news articles, etc.

  4. Ohhh, so tis optical illusion… he’s not hanging from the hand but had just jumped. According to the 1st link above the guy’s jump succeeded.

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