8 thoughts on “It’s soooo cute!

  1. who’s a cute widdle doggeee? (tickles chin)
    OW!!! Awww, ain’t it sweet how he’s chewin on mah fingers…(looks at hand)…um….

  2. (the abbott, thinking to himself:)he looks like Nightcrawler from x-men. not exactly a gargoyle, not exactly a bat, yep, must be a demon
    demon’s are trendy this year. we’ll be the first abbey in the country to have one.
    Aloud: Ok, Brother Francis, you can keep him. but he sleeps in the stable!

  3. Maybe teh Padre insisted he be neutered first so he didn’t spray in the sancutary. That’d definitely explain his “You betrayed me, I hate you!” expression, as well as why the one on the right is flying away as fast as he can.

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