21 thoughts on “Well don’t try to solo.

  1. I actually have, in a George Carlin routine long ago. He says it’s a number between 6 and 7. not 6.anything and not quite 7. He thought it would be a useful tool. why you ask? because you know the rowandictionary is teh complete?

  2. It is also becoming a well used term on certain sites to indicate someone has made the 1st comment on a thread or posting.

  3. that’s interesting. first being nowhere near 6 or 7. isn’t it funny how on ICHC they never say first? they always refer to it as nawt seckond. I kept thinking on bleen after I answered, and I think there’s another definition saying it can be used to describe a color that’s (hard to explain, this is. where’s Yoda when ya need him?)between one shade and another, or muddled, or like that mother of pearl-like finish called arora borealis on crystals.
    how do you use it? like “well, the bleem on that thread said–” ?

  4. On another site, Cute Overload it was made by one of the powers that be there in protest to the people that only posted the word First on a new post. Then other peeps kind of mutated it to mean that it was an actual replacement for first. It kind of developed a life of its own. Some people get pretty creative in incorporating bleen or even the word first into their post and some of them are actually pretty funny.

    A few of us from Cute Overload have a forum where we’ve used the forum’s auto censors to automatically replace first with bleen as a carry over joke.

    We’d also learned that apparantly in Russia bleen can also mean pancakes or crepes or something like that.

    Until you’d mentioned it, I’d never heard about George Carlin’s connection. LOL

    I so rarely read the ICHC comments, I’m not very well versed in LOLspeak so I get lost very quickly and easily. Is the “nawt seckond” being used by regulars mebbe in a way of fighting back those who just post “first” and run? I hate that, very annoying.

    Until you mentioned it

  5. Metz, I think you ARE talking about blini. blini are awesome, little thin pancake things filled with heavy creamy stuff. and I love sucking blasphemous people into our little weird world. I found Rogh-sensei in Live Journal, right? and I don’t usually read the comments either, it’s like reading a foreign language spoken by people who can’t spell or use grammar in their native tongue. but I was taken by the guy who proposed via lolcat on Valentine’s day. that’s where I saw nawt sekond. I think it IS the insider joke.

    and, btw, you don’t even speak NERD Greek? even I can do (little symbol)=omega

  6. Rowan, to backtrack, the reason I asked you about “bleen” is because there’s a “Rowan” who comments on Cute Overload. It didn’t seem like a common screen name to me, so I couldn’t help but wonder if it was you.

    And the color of bleen, I think, is somewhere between blue and green.

    Metz, wasn’t there a definition somehow translating to leiderhosen, or was that just more weirdness?

  7. not I’m. been afraid to visit cute overload because I was afraid it might be, well, cute overload.
    I like bleen. it was fun to hear it right out of the bleen sky like that. can’t wait to hear about lederhosen. that word is funny all by itself.
    and here’s a little known fact, Rowan is actually my name. sorry, I know it’s not clever, but I was terrified of the interwebs at first and it was the best I could do.

  8. LOL! It’s not as bad as you’d expect. The mods are quite witty, which makes it much more interesting than a site that just posts random pictures. It’s like LolCats, but instead of short captions on the pictures, there are longer, more coherent captions with the pictures. Many of the pics you see posted on ICHC are originals from CO. Some of the hovertexts alone are better captions than LolCats. It’s not just animals, either, like this one: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2007/12/bon-appetit.html

  9. okay, I looked and I survived. and how did you know that google eyes would get me? both of our toilets look at mens when they’re peeings.

  10. husby said tell her about the toilets. when you put up the lids, there are big wiggle eyes on the inside. been there a long time. they’re a bit yellow in the whites. makes people laugh. mostly mens. and in the main bathroom, there are glow in the dark eyes on the bottom right of the mirror, right on the countertop practically. can’t sees them unless you puts out the light and then looks back and finds them looking at you. some screaming.

  11. oh, Loltheist, we scare you? more you should worry about God, what with you startin your own religion and all. we are tame.

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