8 thoughts on “Pigs like bacon too!

  1. I had a baby potbelly pig when I was in highschool.
    My mother gave it some thanksgiving leftovers: turkey, potatoes, pie, rolls….and HAM.
    Pigs love sweets, and little Bac-o gobbled up that brownsugar ham like it was a moldy orange.

    He went crazy shortly after that and had to be given away.

  2. sure, mental capacity has nothing to do with taste. if it did, cannibalism—you know, anywhere I go with this is just wrong in so many ways—-

  3. I gave it to one of my mom’s friends who keeps them as pets on a big farm.

    I’m told it’s not the kind of pig that you eat, more bred as a pet, but I woulda made chops out of him anyway. Darn think rutted my couch.

    Pig semen stains.

  4. a guy from the city went to visit his friend on a farm. as he was crossing the yard to the house, he noticed a very large pig with only three legs. he asked his friend “what’s with that pig?” and the farmer replied “oh, that’s a very special pig. why, last year someone tried to rob my house, and that pig stopped him from getting in and sat on the thief until the cops came. and, why just last week, mom fell asleep with a cigarette and that pig got everybody out of the house before the fireman came. that’s one teriffic pig!” “cool!” said the guy, “but why does it only have three legs?” “Oh,” the farmer said “great pig like that you don’t eat all at once!”

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