9 thoughts on “cmon people! get ’em!

  1. As I scrolled down my Google Reader page and saw the top of this picture, I recognized it easily because I’m reading a book on the Bountiful polygamists and Warren Jeff’s and this picture was in the chapters I read yesterday…

    Oh, there are others…And Oh, the fun you can have with them! Thanks for this! I might post it with my book review.

  2. just…the look on that guy’s face. i couldn’t stop eyeballing it. the poor kids too, it breaks my fuckin heart. add on top the little girl who died while her parents prayed for her to be healed of a treatable disease… man, you gotta laugh or you’ll just melt into a pool of sad

  3. Those poor girls look like Stepford Wives – programmed. Or maybe brainwashed is a better description. Can you imagine what’s really going through their heads? “OMG I wish this nasty bastard would quit touching me.” Or is it more along the lines of “I’m doing my duty, being the perfect wife, and securing my place in Heaven.”

  4. LOL!! I just got the most hilarious picture in my head! I can just see the girl on our right holding up her hand, palm forward, with the message “HELP ME” written in black ink on it. Okay, maybe it’s not really funny, but to me it was. Does that make me a really bad person?

  5. on tv. that Grace chick that has a redneck angel? the nuns said she used to write on her shoes so it could be seen when she was kneeling. left foot screw, right foot you

  6. btw, I saw a picture of these little cuties in the present day. they wear their hair and dress exactly the same. the guy still has that leer despite being extremely old. that is really the most disturbing image—

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