9 thoughts on “Baked goods must get tiring.

  1. 0.o That’s nuts. Usually it’s obscure images like the burn marks on a piece of toast or the rust stain on a metal building. But this really looks like Him! If I’d been there, I’d have… Well, I don’t know what I’d have done, but I’m sure I’d have been in shock and awe. Of course, since I wasn’t there, the skeptic in me wonders if it’s not a doctored image.

  2. i’d like a mathematical breakdown of exactly how long a shot it would be for that arrangement of light and dark to just show up.

  3. But this really looks like Him!
    Correction. This looks like the stereotypical view of him. Which to me more than proves its fake. Probably some chemical treatment.

  4. Heh. When I first saw this I wasn’t sure what the picture was supposed to be, until I read further, then I “saw” Jebus… It is a great example of the power of suggestion too. Sometimes your mind connects the dots and makes a face or a shape out of something that is pretty much shapeless. I don’t have an explanation or idea of how the thing appeared or disappeared, but I didn’t see anything other than white and dark streaks on the window until it was pointed out to me. Sorry. 😉

  5. Metz: that’s so cool that someone out there is clueless about manifestations.
    MBHT: in one way, that’s why he sent jesus, we grok son. and that’s why god looks like a white man, something else we get. he made us in his image, or we made him in our image. either way.

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