4 thoughts on “Hmmm. Tasty critters.

  1. Venison is very good, but it has to be cooked right. Here are some facts that you may or may not know about venison. 1. Deer that have been chased before before being harvested have very tough meat. I’ve had venison before that was impossible to chew up. 2. Younger deer (and females) have more tender meat. 3. If a buck deer is not properly cleaned and dressed, fluid from different glands can get on the meat, making it not taste right. 4. The very best scenario: 1-shot kill, not being run, young deer, cleaned properly. Then, keeping the meat on ice for 48 hours will cause excess blood to leach out and cause a better tasting venison. It helps to butcher/slice it properly also. The rest is up to the preparer. There are several ways to season/cook venison, but if you start with the better meat (as above) your chances of great-tasting venison is very good.

  2. My dad is an avid hunter, and deer season in my area is a big thing. He ices his for several days before sending it to the processor. Venison makes up about 85% of what he eats. But yeah, I’ve noticed that sometimes it’s tougher, usually when it’s from a trophy buck. Ours aren’t “harvested” though; they’re all wild.

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