Maybe there is hope for civilization.

Submitted by Hidden Thinker.

I feel bad for waiting so long to post this, especially after I received the above submission. The Atheist Bus campaign was conceived in response to the damnation expressed in other ads. So they put a call out for £5,500 in donations so they could place ads on buses, with a matching amount being supplied by Professor Dawkins. Within hours they met their goal. But then something incredible happened. The numbers, they continued to climb. £10k, £25k, £50k, £100k and now sits at an incredible £107k (+ other donations). More amazing is the vast majority is made of £5 and £10 donations.

With their over funding, they are now looking to see where else they can place the advertisements, and the above photo was a mock-up of one such suggestion.

So anyway, this now absolves my guilt for not posting sooner. Terribly sorry Mr. Thinker.

2 thoughts on “Maybe there is hope for civilization.

  1. It’s still growing by around £500 per day. Currently looking at £111,500 and change, with gift aid (charity tax relief) and Dawkins’ £5,500 adding to that to make it over £140K.

    For those looking to have fun with this, note their facebook page…

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