Vote Early, Vote Often.

Good morning everyone! Here at Loltheist, let us be the 798th site to urge you to get out there and vote today. Seriously. You need to vote. We know the polls have had this thing called for weeks. But you see, those polls don’t mean anything.

This is the poll that matters.

This thing can go either way. What’s more, the election results will be challenged one way or the other. So it’s vitally important to have as many votes as possible to counter all the game playing.

More importantly, if you don’t vote, you have no right whatsoever to be pissed off or complain about what happens during the next four years. That’s four years of righteous indignation you will be missing out on. Seriously, how can you let that go by?

2 thoughts on “Vote Early, Vote Often.

  1. Made mine count and for the first time in years, at least a few of those I voted for won!

    *does happy dance*

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