The Supreme Court is not going to be happy.

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Submitted by anonymous.

I have mixed feelings on this one. Obviously, I’m a fan of separation of church & state. However, this is a war memorial that was created in 1934, which became part of public land in 1994. It should be grandfathered. Whether I agree or not with religion, it’s shameful to the memory of the faithful veterans who gave their lives who were believers. Ultimately I hope the court decides it must be removed, because unfortunately the precedent must be set for other more practical cases. However, if it does, I know it was the wrong thing to do ethically.

Some history. (You may have the urge to get Pepperidge Farm Goldfish if you watch the video.)

5 thoughts on “The Supreme Court is not going to be happy.

  1. Whoa! I had to do a double-take when I saw that Snopes article. Generally, they stick to the facts and try to keep the politics out; but that article looks like it was written by a Republican political hack! (And that video didn’t help my impression either…) Whether that “monument”* stays or goes doesn’t really make too much difference to me personally, but for a supposedly “neutral” website that many of us use to get valuable information from (i.e. whether that e-mail that you got from Aunt Gladys contains legitimate information or is part of a scam/fraud) to let an article be written in such a politically slanted manner makes me wonder if it’s going to let — or has, indeed, already let — other articles fall victim to such contamination.

    *Personally, I think it barely qualifies as such.

  2. Leave it up, take it down, I don’t care.

    If it’s moved, it will be to a more prominent location. Probably even paraded around, like that Ten Commandments rock.

    That’s a side-annoyance. There used to be pictures of people praying at the Ten Commandments rock (i.e. idolatry, #2) on the web, but most of those pictures have vanished. Possibly the religious folks that had them up finally realized the hilarious hypocrisy involved. That would be a fine addition to this site, assuming I can find one.

  3. I guess I’m just paranoid these days. I see and hear all of these wingnut pundits (Limbaugh, Beck, etc.) spout all sorts of batshit insane crap with few challenges, and I’m starting to find it harder and harder to tell what’s neutral (let *alone* factual!) and what isn’t. Am I worried? You bet!

  4. @evildave They NEVER realize the hypocrisy, so it has to be some other reason. My favorite was praying to the golden bull on wallstreet during the crash.

    @reynard That’s you betcha!

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