6 thoughts on “If only he used melatonin instead.

  1. Yeah, not my best work. So MUCH I wanted 2 say & not enough room. I fussed with that bottom line forever before finally giving up and leaving it black, I should’ve made it white. 😕

  2. Hrm. Metz, what are you using to do the images? I have a way in GIMP to do black with white outlines…if you have the image without the bottom line, I could prolly put it in so it’s a bit more readable …

  3. No, I think you need it — it helps the joke. But maybe if it were across the top it would be more readable? I’m away from my graphics stuff today, but I’ll try to put it in tonight on that new one.

  4. Sure feel free to tinker away. 🙂
    I just love how this guy has his head in his hands in agony and the “angel” is all, “Here, take this you’ll feel a LOT better!” (cue the evil foreboding music)

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