Watch it. Really. It’s hilarious.

Ok, this is actually real. At least real enough to be carried by legitimate news sites. Apparently, poor broke Stephen Baldwin is not getting jobs in Hollywood because of his faith. But there’s a silver lining! Stephen’s spiritual advisor has a plan! So was launched a website for the Restoration of Stephen Baldwin. If every Christian were to just give a “token” donation, he, like Job, can be restored to, well, something.

I know you have questions, here’s some answers straight from the FAQ.

Q- How much money does he need?
A- From what I read in public court documents Stephen needs several million dollars to pay all of his creditors but he deserves hundreds of millions for his Job like faithfulness in the face of relentless loss and persecution.

Q- What about other people who are hurting in this economy?

A- Those that just came to your mind mail them a token gift also.

Q- What triggered you to do this?
A- In March of 08 I saw Stephen speak boldly for Christ on Trumps Celebrity Apprentice Show. Then in Aug 09 I saw Stephen and God being laughed at for his bankruptcy.

Thank god born again Christians have such a martyr in Stephen.

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