Is it that time again already?

I am always amazed at the people that read the story of Noah’s Ark and believe it is the literal truth. I suppose this can be said about all of the bible, but come on. How can people believe that entirety of the biosphere was put on a boat the size of a football field. The suspension of disbelief is staggering.

8 thoughts on “Is it that time again already?

  1. When did we say EVERYTHING was on the ark? we said TWO of every animal (not every breed or subspecies…just two dogs, do elephants, etc.) were on the ark. keep in mind the ark also had multiple floors, and its not that far out there. crowded, but it was either that or drowning. so…crowded…but possible.

  2. That would of come after all the inbreeding. It’s that whole viable gene pool thing, which wasn’t terribly important to the story committee. Incest is good!

  3. Noah was a drunkerd. Was always forgetting something or other. Hell, Dad and I created at least another dozen or species that he was supposed to load up on his boat, but the guy was wasted all the time and ‘forgot’.

  4. Jake: So everything on Earth (including micro-organisms) was within walking distance from where this guy was building his boat? Or did he have time to build an giant cargo plane to travel the continents to pick them up first?

  5. What did all of those animals eat for 40 days? Do some research on just how much food an elephant consumes each day. Oh, and many animals eat… ANIMALS!! So you’ve got to have a whole bunch of them just to eat. And of course not all animals live on land. What of the fish? Oh it’s water you say… But not all fish can live in salt water, or brackish water, or what have you…

    Like much of christian mythology the story is ridiculous.

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