8 thoughts on “I know, dude, like I totally can’t believe them…

  1. please forgive a serious comment, but this is exactly what parables are all about. I can just see Jesus telling a story to blank faces and then trying a different story, until he gets through. this is what he’d have to say in today’s world. no blasphemy, still funneh

  2. Rowan: Well, to be honest, although the site’s motto does say “blasphemy is teh funnay,” the emphasis is totally on the funny, really. (Sometimes we hit the funny, sometimes we miss, but there always seems to be at least one person who thinks each entry is hilarious.) The only reason this site exists is because three of us were cracking each other up with various “loljesus” or “lolgod” pics, and we thought it’d be fun to post them.

    If you think about it, the one with Moses holding up the stone tablets yelling “RTFM! Noobs!” can also be interpreted as a modernized rendition of the story. Here’s the guy, coming down from the mountain with the law right from God, and finds everyone partying with an idol. So he gets pissed, because they’re not obeying the laws, and they should know better. He yells, “RTFM, noobs!” and throws the tablets down. (I would have used “RTFM, F**KERS”, but that’s just ’cause I like the F-word.)

    I would print out either this one or the “RTFM” one and put them up in a Christian youth group if I ran a Christian youth group which I’d probably have to join some kind of Christian church to do which I’m not going to do, but if I DID, by golly, those would be right up there.

    There are probably several on here that could go either way. Hm. Maybe we should hold a contest or something for who can find the most entries that could go up in a Christian church without offending anyone? 🙂

  3. no possible way that anything could go up in a christian church without offending someone.

    that said, I totally get you. the ones that seem to hit me the most are the ones that do just that, modern slang (in the beginning of my conversion to loltheism, I confess I had to look a couple of them up.), a new way to look at the old familiar pictures.
    I’ve been practicing in the lolcat generator. I can’t wait to see how funneh I am.

  4. no possible way that anything could go up in a christian church without offending someone.

    You’re probably right, BUT, this one and RTFM could go up in a christian church without offending the majority. (Depending on the church, of course. I’m not suggesting setting it up in a way-fundamentalist church. Maybe one of the more “charismatic”, liberal churches.)

    I can’t wait to see how funneh I am.

    I guarantee that almost anything you come up with, SOMEONE will think it’s funny. It might not be us, but what the heck. 🙂

  5. it was renee’ rigdon’s fault, she of Anticraft my favorite webmag. she fell in love with the one with thor and the jebus i can has tap shoes and posted it in her blog on the mag, converted from lolpaganism and i blindly followed along to see what was up. i had never seen lolcats either and about a day later when i had peed myself viewing each and every picture (so i thought) on every site i could find, i became one of your ardent followers. i became one of the doodz in robes and hoodies praying for chairs, and now i am earnestly attempting to convert the rest of my family. mom, as you know, is totally on board and at age 86 can’t believe she rules the internet, she barely believes in the internet. god, though, she totally believes in, and says that we’re not blasphemeing god, we’re busting on pictures, and that is totally acceptable. and the duck-billed platypus. she always says it like that, as if there existed a non-duck-billed platypus. there is, however, a duck-billed nannygoat on the aflack commercials.

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