And you thought it was just about sin!

This was apparently scanned from a postcard. I know it hasn’t been captioned, but dammit, some things NEED no captions! Although if you can think of a good caption for this, send it on in. (Original source unknown: pipe up if it’s yours.) –loltheist

christ died for our dunkin donuts

9 thoughts on “And you thought it was just about sin!

  1. Oh my god! I had that postcard! I don’t remember where I got it. I either bought it at a shop in Pittsburgh (probably the Oakland area) or a friend gave it to me, back in the late 90s. I think it’s long gone, or I’d check the back of it. I’ll have to do some hunting, just to make sure.

  2. I don’t know if this was ever a post card, however, I’d just like to point out that I know where this photo was taken, and the Jesus Died for our sins sign still exists today. The Dunkin donuts is still there but I bet they have a new sign by now. I’m going to try to line it up right and get a new shot of it this week.

  3. This photo was indeed taken in Atlantic City, NJ. When I first started working here, you could still line up the signs, but the building between the church and the Dunkin Donuts was either renovated or rebuilt to be taller in the years since.

    I can’t get Google to spit out a ready made URL to point you to the location, but you can go to 3000 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ… its at the intersection with Morris Ave… and you can see the modernized Dunkin Donuts and the “Jesus Died for our sins” sign.

    I have always loved the conflict in AC between the sinners and saved… and this sign, along with places like “Praise the Lord Parking” give the city its personality.

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